Carillon Technology highly recommends that full service and follow up attention is as important as the superb quality and craftsmanship of their supplied bells, clocks, and electronic equipment. For that reason, Carillon Technology is committed to you and your project from concept to installation to service and maintenance. Carillon Technology offers full installation and service, by factory trained technicians, to all valued bell and clock customers.
  As bells age, the need for maintenance and minor repairs will grow. Service and maintenance contracts offered to our customers have received a wide response. Many of the original service agreements continue to be renewed annually, as Carillon Technology talented service department maintains, service and keep the equipments in tip-top condition.

Bells are priceless heirlooms for a church or community. Bells will often outlive the structure in which they hang, but may become inoperative from aging of the ringing mechanisms.
Preservation and restoration are part of Carillon Technology valuable services. Carillon Technology craftsmen refinish and when necessary recast bells to recapture all their original beauty and resonance.
A bell is a lifetime investment, a living memorial for future generations. The equipment must be maintained periodically to keep the bell ringing in proper condition.New bell ringing equipment and hardware are the perfect additions for the preservation of cast bronze bells.Carillon Technology is the main supplier in Asia of hardware for new and existing bells.

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